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Bureau Contact

Tom Chambers
Bureau Chief
(919) 807-2770

Tommy Petty
Deputy Bureau Chief
(919) 807-2770

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Elevator & Amusement Device
Employment Discrimination
Mine & Quarry
Wage & Hour

Elevator and Amusement Device Bureau

The Elevator and Amusement Device Bureau checks for the proper installation and safe operation of elevators, escalators, workman's hoists, dumbwaiters, moving walks, aerial passenger tramways, amusement rides and incline railways. The bureau also inspects lifting devices for people with disabilities that operate in public establishments (except federal buildings) and private places of employment.

Companies or individuals installing equipment, other than amusement rides, under NCDOL jurisdiction must submit prints and applications for approval before installation begins. Companies or individuals planning to operate amusement devices are required to submit a location notice in writing to the bureau's Raleigh office at least 10 days before the intended date of operation. The bureau will issue an installation permit, which must be posted on the job site. New installations, as well as alterations to existing equipment, are inspected.

The bureau also conducts regular, periodic inspections of this equipment in the state and inspects amusement rides before they operate at each location. Employers, institutions such as churches and individuals who desire technical assistance in selecting and installing safe lifting devices for people with disabilities can get help from the bureau. The bureau also offers architects and builders the service of reviewing plans for code compliance on proposed installations of elevators and related equipment.

NOTICE: Companies installing wheel chair lifts/handicap lifts in the state of North Carolina must have an electrical license number issued by the Electrical Board of Examiners. This license number will be verified before the “Application for Installation” form will be processed. All units must be installed as to the requirements in A.S.M.E. A18.1.



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