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Procedures To Request Services

  • Please make your online request by completing the Outreach Services Request Form below.
  • There must be a minimum of ten attendees for each training request.
  • We ask that requests be submitted 30 days prior to the scheduled event whenever possible, as a longer lead-time allows time for preparation and helps avoid scheduling conflicts.
  • After submitting the form, an OSH representative will contact you within five working days to discuss the details of your request.
  • Please make your online request by completing the Outreach Services Request Form below.
  • Items in red are required
Outreach Services Desired:
Display Booth/Exhibit  Training Presentation(s)  
Labor One Mobile Training Unit Webinar
Date and time of presentation/exhibit (Please provide two or more dates,if possible):
1st Date & Time
2nd Date & Time:
3rd Date & Time:

Requesting Company/Organization Information:  
Contact Name:
Complete Mailing address:
Telephone: Ext:
Email Address:

Location Information:  
Telephone: Ext.
Location and physical/street address (not mailing address, i.e. P.O. Box) of speaking engagement/exhibit/display booth. (Please provide detailed directions)

Training Information:  
If requesting training, OSH presentation topic(s) desired:
(if you are not requesting training or a speech, please put NA in this box)
View our list of topics
Language desired:
Preferred topic length: 1 Hour 2 Hour Other:
Approximate number of attendees:

Audio visual equipment provided onsite by the requestor (does not apply for Labor One request):
  LCD Projector
  Overhead Projector
  White Board

Special instructions, such as hotel reservation information, conference confirmation requirements, etc:

For more information, please contact:
Marcy Collyer at 919-807-2896 or

If you desire a copy of this information,
please select FILE and then PRINT in your browser bar prior to submitting.


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