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Adverse Weather Policies in the Private Sector
Agency Programs
Agency Referral Information
Agricultural Safety and Health
Agricultural Safety and Health Council
Agricultural Safety & Health Inspection Checklist English/Spanish (PDF)
Alliances and Partnerships
Ammonia/ Ammonia Refrigeration
Amusement Rides
Anaphylactic Shock: Medical Emergency (PDF)
Annual Report (PDF)
Audiovisual Listing
Awareness Workshops (10-Hour)

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Beacon Newsletters
Bloodborne Pathogens
Boiler Related Alerts
Boiler Related Links
Boiler Safety Bureau
Boiler Safety Bureau Annual Report
Boiler Safety Bureau Strategic Plan
Boiler Inspection Request
Boiler & Pressure Vessels
Booth Request - OSH
Breaks – What to Know (Wage and Hour Fact Sheet)

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Calendar of Events
Carolina Star Program
Carolina Star Safety Conference
Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI)
Changes/Reduction in Wages
Child Involvement - Leave for Parental Involvement in Schools
Child Labor in Non-Agricultural Occupations in NC (Wage and Hour Fact Sheet)
Confined Spaces
Combustible Dust (PDF)
Communication Towers Standard
Complaint form (OSH)
Compliance Directives
Compliance Manuals
Consultative Services
Controlled Substance Examination Laws and Regulations (PDF)

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Designee Application To Issue Youth Employment Certificates (WORD version)
Detrimental Occupations (Wage and Hour Fact Sheet)
Direct Deposit Enforcement Position (Wage and Hour Fact Sheet)

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Electrical, Apprentice Contest
Elevator and Amusement Device Bureau
Emergency Information
Employment At Will
(Wage and Hour Fact Sheet)
Employment Discrimination Bureau
Employment Relationship (Wage and Hour Fact Sheet)
Excavation and Trenching - Construction
Exhibitor Request - OSH

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Fall Protection - Construction
Federal OSHA Chemical Sampling Information

Federal OSHA Publications
Federal OSHA Sampling Methods
Federal OSHA Technical Manual
Field Operations Manual
Fluctuating Workweek Overtime Pay (Wage and Hour Fact Sheet)
Full-Time vs. Part-Time Employees (Wage and Hour Fact Sheet)

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Garnishments in North Carolina (Wage and Hour Fact Sheet)
Geared Traction Passenger Elevator Specification Guide (PDF)
Green Tobacco Sickness
Gold Star Grower

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Heat Stress
Heat Stress: Heat Strokes
Heat Stress: Cramps, Exhaustion, Stroke (PDF)
Heat Stress: Heat Cramps (PDF)
Hazard Alerts
Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response
Hours Worked and Mandatory Overtime (Wage and Hour Fact Sheet)
Hurricane Cleanup Information
Hydraulic Passenger Elevator Specification Guide (PDF)

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Immigration and the Working of Alien Workers (Wage and Hour Fact Sheet)
Industry Alerts
Industry Guides
Insect Bites & Stings: Bee, Wasp, and Hornet Stings (PDF)
Insect Bites & Stings: Ticks —Lyme Disease (PDF)
Insect Bites & Stings: Spider Bites (PDF)
Insect Bites & Stings: Ticks — Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (PDF)
Inspection Checklist English/Spanish (PDF)

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Job Openings, State Government

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Labor Camps
Labor Laws (PDF)
Labor Ledger
Labor One Mobile Training Unit
Library Services

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Manager of Environmental Safety & Health Programs (MESH)
Map of Migrant Housing Sites
Masonry, Apprentice Contest
Medical Payment Law (Wage and Hour Fact Sheet)
Migrant Housing Inspection Checklist English/Spanish (PDF)
Migrant Housing Registration
Migrant Housing Sites Map
Minimum Amount of Hours - Not Required (Wage and Hour Fact Sheet)
Million-Hour Safety Award Application
Mine and Quarry Bureau
Mine and Quarry Bureau Annual Report
Mine and Quarry Bureau Strategic Plan
Mine and Quarry Laws and Regulations
Mine and Quarry Calendar of Events
Mine and Quarry FAQ's
Miner Training Program (PDF) (WORD)

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New Hire Report (Wage and Hour Fact Sheet)
NIOSH Pocket Guide
Nonfatal Occupational Injuries and Illnesses (Incidence Rates of)
North Carolina Position on the Federal Youth Minimum Wage (Wage and Hour Fact Sheet)
North Carolina Administrative Code
Notice to Employees/Workplace Laws Poster

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Occupational Fatality Inspection Review (OFIR) (Updated Monthly)
Occupational Safety and Health Division
Occupational Injuries (Census of Fatal)
Occupational Injuries & Illnesses (Incidence Rates of Nonfatal)
On the Farm: Health and Safety Tips
OSH Booth Request
OSH Investigation File Request
OSH Exhibitor Request
OSH Most Frequently Cited Standards   (Updated)
OSH Compliance Manuals and Procedures
OSH Complaint Form
OSH Compliance Directives
OSH Field Operations Manual
OSH Operational Procedure Notices
OSH Outreach Services Request
OSH Speaker Request
OSH Standards Information
OSH Standards Notices
OSH Statistical Reports
OSH State Specific Rules
OSH Training Request
Outreach Services Request - OSH
Overtime Pay, Salary and Comp Time (Wage and Hour Fact Sheet)

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Payment of Final Wages to Separated Employees (Wage and Hour Fact Sheet)
Pesticide Crop Sheets English | Spanish (PDF)
Plumbing, Apprentice Contest
Poster and General Information (Wage and Hour Fact Sheet)
Press Releases
Pressure Vessels
Prevailing Wage Rates (Wage and Hour Fact Sheet)
Privacy Policy
Private Personnel Services and Job Listing Services Laws and Regulations (PDF)
Promised Wages Including Wage Benefits (Wage and Hour Fact Sheet)
Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous Chemicals
Public Agency Referral List

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Recording time and rounding of hours worked (Wage and Hour Fact Sheet)
Register Temporary Labor Camp
Request for Free Consultation Form
Retaliatory Employment Discrimination Act
Rules and Regulations

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Safety Awards Application
Safety Awards Program
Safety on Roads: A Cooperative Approach
Speaker Request - OSH
Standards Information, OSH
Standards Notices - OSH
Star Programs Policies & Procedures (PDF)
Star Sites
Statistical Reports
Swine Flu - CDC
Swine Flu - Federal OSHA

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Teen Safety
Tip Credit Fact Sheet
Traffic Laws Posters - English/Spanish
Traffic Laws Brochures - English/Spanish
Training Request - OSH
Tuberculosis or TB (PDF)

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Veterans and Dependents Training
Voluntary Ergonomics Guideline

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Wage and Hour Laws and Regulations (PDF)
Wage and Hour Bureau
Wage and Hour Bureau Annual Report
Wage and Hour Fact Sheets
Wage and Hour Bureau Strategic Plan
Wage and Hour Questions Most Asked (PDF)
Wage and Hour Seminars Scheduled (Brochure)
Wage Complaint - How to File (Wage and Hour Fact Sheet)
What's New
Work Permits
Workplace Violence Prevention Act

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Youth Work Permit
Youth Employment Certificate Designee Application Form (WORD version)
Youth Employment Position on Driving on Private Property (Wage and Hour Fact Sheet)
Youth Employment Review (Wage and Hour Fact Sheet)

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