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Wage Complaint - How to File

In order for the North Carolina Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Bureau to be able to assist an employee with a wage problem, a complaint has to be filed with this office. To file a wage complaint, call our Call-Center at (919) 807-2796 (Raleigh) or toll-free (NC only) 1-800-NC-LABOR (1-800-625-2267). An Information Specialist will take the complaint information over the telephone and enter it into our computer data intake system. To better serve you, we ask that you have the name of the business and the name and title of the official we need to contact including this official’s email and postal mailing address and telephone number; we also need your email address if you have one. We cannot take anonymous wage payment complaints, but you may request that your name not be used in the investigation if the wage problem is happening to other employees. If the wage problem pertains only to you, then we must use your name in the investigation. Our Call-Center is open from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday thru Friday.

An employee may also take legal action on their own, including small claims court if applicable, without first having to file a wage complaint with this office. But an employee cannot come back to us to file a wage claim if they take their own legal action in court regardless of the outcome. However, if an employee files a wage complaint with us and we cannot resolve their complaint, then they are still free to take legal action on their own.

NOTE: We do not take wage payment complaints of $50 or less. And if your wage complaint deals with your last paycheck, you must wait 10 days after the payday in order to file a wage complaint with this office.

For information on taking your own small claims action, please click on SMALL CLAIMS. (Note: While this link is for Wake County, small claim procedures and forms are the same throughout North Carolina. You need to contact your local county Clerk of Superior Court for information on how to file a small claims action in your county.)

Revised 8-18-2006


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