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Wage & Hour

Fact Sheets
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Wage Complaints
The N.C. Department of Labor does not take wage payment complaints of $50 or less. If your wage complaint deals with last
paycheck, you must
wait 10 days after the
payday in order to file
a complaint with this

Standards & Inspections

Boiler Safety
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Employment Discrimination
Mine & Quarry
Wage & Hour

Wage and Hour Fact Sheets

Adverse Weather Policies in the Private Sector
Agency Referral Information
Breaks — What to Know
Changes/Reduction in Wages
Child Involvement - Leave for Parental Involvement in Schools
Child Labor in Non-Agricultural Occupations in NC
Deductions from Wages
  Debit-Payroll Card Payment
Detrimental Occupations
Direct Deposit Enforcement Position
Driving and Riding Time and Hours Worked
Employment At Will
"Employment Relationship"
Fluctuating Workweek Overtime Pay
Full-Time vs. Part-Time Employees
Garnishments in North Carolina
Handy Reference Guide to the Wage and Hour Act
Hours Worked and Mandatory Overtime
blue arrow Job Reference and Blacklisting Laws
Medical Payment Law
Meeting & Training/Class Time and Hours Worked
Minimum Amount of Hours - Not Required
blue_arrow Minimum Wage in N.C.
  Minimum Wage Rate History
New Hire Report
North Carolina Position on the Federal Youth Minimum Wage
blue_arrow Overtime Pay Coefficient Table | Overtime Coefficient Examples
Overtime Pay, Salary and Comp Time
Payment of Final Wages to Separated Employees
Poster and Agency Referral Information
Prevailing Wage Rates
Promised Wages Including Wage Benefits
blue arrow Quick Reference Guide (Spanish)
Quick Reference Guide to the N.C. Wage and Hour Act
Recording Time and Rounding of Hours Worked
Seminar Co-Sponsor Requirements
Tanning Beds Youth Employment Enforcement Position
Teen Worker Card
blue arrow Time Conversion Chart - Minutes to Decimal Hours
blue arrow Tip Credit
Youth Employment Review
Youth Employment Position on Driving on Private Property
  Volunteer Firefighter-EMS Volunteer Work Hours
Wage Complaint - How to File



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